Zimme de braxa
As explained by the Conseggio pe-o patrimònio linguistico ligure, under whose auspices the editorial project was born, Zimme de braxa (sparks of embers) aims to offer an overview of the vast spectrum of Ligurian literature from medieval times to the present day, spanning a variety of textual genres, themes and linguistic areas. Published by Zona, the volumes reissue some of the most significant works of the last two centuries and unpublished works by contemporary authors.
Below are presented the logo and cover design of the book series, along with the illustrations created for Ei fóe dei ferguò by Roberto Benso and Föe moderne by Giuseppe Cava. 
Ei fóe dei ferguò
Ei fóe dei ferguò compiles the poetic works of Roberto Benso, written in the dialect of Carrosio. Supplemented by two essays and an introduction, the volume presents a previously almost undocumented Ligurian linguistic variety.
Föe moderne
Föe moderne collects the modern fables written by Giuseppe Cava, writer and poet from Savona. Alongside these fables, originally published in 1930 within the author's poetic compendium Into remoin, the volume features an essay and a glossary.
Please explore Conseggio pe-o patrimònio linguistico ligure to learn more about its activities and the book series.
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