Tenuta Ceri
Barco Reale di Carmignano is a lively, clear ruby red wine, with a vinous aroma and intense, fruity touches, with a delightfully dry, fresh, ample and harmonious taste.
These illustrated labels designed for the wine
Barbocchio, produced and bottled by Tenuta Ceri, represent the so-called ciuco, the animal symbol of Carmignano.
In particular, the beautiful cantina and delicious wines of Tenuta Ceri are cutting-edge, but they incorporate ancient origins and historical reminiscences; likewise, the labels blend a vintage-styled illustration with an overall striking modern and clean look.

About Carmignano and the donkey (ciuco
in Tuscan jargon)
29 September is the feast day of Carmignano’s patron saint and the culmination of a three-day festival dating back to 1931-1932. Every year, the feast of San Michele enlivens the main square and town centre. There is an exciting competition among the town’s four distinct districts: the Archangel (blue), the Guild (green), the Lion (yellow) and finally the Tower (white). Each district puts on a charming and impressive show during their respective traditional parades. Another important feature is the traditional donkey race (palio), which consists of a race around a course that encircles Carmignano’s village centre. Four donkeys, representing each of the districts into which the town is divided, participate in the race. The winner is the first to pierce a paper circle hanging at the finish line. Each placing is given a score, with the winner being the one that, over the course of three races, has scored the most points.
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