Rx Almanac
Designed for Meadowlark Pharmacy (Hickman, Nebraska), the Rx Almanac is a set of custom playing cards inspired by an old pharmacy Almanac from 1926 and printed in 2022 by Legends Playing Card Co. 
Found in 2021 by Jonathon Lamarque, one of the pharmacists of Meadowlark Pharmacy, the vintage Almanac booklet showed that back in the early 1900s, pharmacies were not only a place to buy medications: they also sold all types of items, from milk to birdseed. With this concept in mind, we decided to create a pharmacy Almanac deck of cards with different advertisements, rich in illustrations, and with a sense of humour.
The abbreviation Rx (sometimes written ℞), in particular, derives from the Latin word for recipe, recipere, and is commonly used to refer to medical prescriptions.
Photography ©Chris Moyer
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