Casa Pappagallo
Entering Casa Pappagallo, everyone immediately realizes that Lucas kitchen is a magical place. The daily dishes and festive delicacies he prepares are perfect for any palate and occasion: his recipes are genuine, sometimes traditional, sometimes exotic, and always full of flavour.
The logo designed for Casa Pappagallo (literally House Pappagallo, the house of the chef Luca Pappagallo) winks at vintage character design and 60s-70s Italian pop culture. In particular, the pictogram is an homage to the beloved Carosello TV show and the stories of La Linea illustrated by Osvaldo Cavandoli.
Left to right: ‘La Linea’ by Osvaldo Cavandoli; the 1957 logo of the 'Carosello', broadcasted by Programma Nazionale and Rete 1 from 1957 to 1977; the 1955 logo of ‘Name That Tune’, broadcasted by CBS from 1954 to 1959.
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